"I wish I’d met her 20 years ago!"


I was very depressed after my stint as a juror when I went to see Anita. She was wonderful, immediately homing in on exactly what I needed. She was so supportive and so able to help me- I wish I’d met her 20 years ago! She seems to know just what to say to a person suffering from trauma, in such a loving and clear way.

- Laura


"I am a much better and happier person today"


I am a much better and happier person today and I can say 100% that this is as a result of the wonderful caring assistance that Stephen has given me. I would encourage you to take that step forward and accept his compassionate wisdom in helping you reach the happiness and strength you deserve.

- Angela


"I know that with the skills Anita taught me I can keep growing and changing."



The work was often hard but every step forward was always acknowledged and celebrated by Anita. Somehow Anita managed to create the balance of being totally professional and at the same time, it felt like she was my friend. The strong, healthy, happy, confident person I am today is due to the work I did - guided by Anita with her amazing talent and wisdom.

- Jan



Supervision Endorsement

During our time together Anita supported me through tough emotional times and contained me beautifully with her wisdom and calm manner.  I was able to reflect on and develop my own spiritual beliefs which helped me learn to respect and hold others beliefs alongside my own. Anita's role was to provide a healthy modelling of this and enable me to explore my own boundaries without shame or judgment. Anita helped facilitate what has been a very important two years for me as an individual and a practitioner, resulting in great and positive growth personally and professionally. : )

- Anne


"I have almost doubled my income, I have found a loving partner and have grown in way’s I never thought possible."


I saw Stephen May for approximately ten sessions during a very uneasy period of my life in 2011. Riddled with anxiety and afflicted by severe emotional discomfort. I lacked self-worth and had been struggling with these issues for the better part of ten years.


Stephen creates a safe and compassionate environment where you are able to explore this discomfort all the while being guided with his sincere understanding and a depth of knowledge he has obviously honed over a period of years. Stephen creates a space in
which you are able to come to your own conclusions while viewing issues from a more rational point of view.


He skillfully guides you to a deeper felt understanding of core emotional issues and provides simple tool’s to facilitate their healing. A year after seeing Stephen, my life has drastically changed. I have almost doubled my income, I have found a loving partner and have grown in way’s I never thought possible. I owe a great deal of this to Stephen and the invaluable assistance he has provided me. I will forever be grateful.
- Hamish


"I am so happy."


Fantastic service. I am so happy that I took the chance to talk to Steve. He was absolutely amazing and so helpful. I have never had counselling before and now see how valuable this is to have available to people. Thanks Steve!

- Lilly

"A massive impact for my stepdaughter"


Anita and Stephen's practice has made a huge difference for me and for our family. The rooms are lovely and there is a creative and regenerative feeling. I especially appreciate the depth of services available, from art therapy which I found fun and effective for myself, and which had a massive impact for my stepdaughter; Anita's highly qualified and experienced psychological knowledge; and the model of 2 therapists for couples, one in support of each partner.

- A.