If you are feeling bogged down, this is a way to get your wheels turning again.​..

"Psychotherapy means healing the soul through insight and finding meaning. So, with psychotherapy, we attempt to give form to your feelings to make meaning and understand what is happening inside." 

What is psychotherapy?

Short-term therapy and counselling may be more about problem solving, goal achievement or intellectual understanding. Psychotherapy, however, strives to gain insight - the great gift of psychotherapy! The term psychotherapy comes from ancient Greek and means “Healing of the Soul”.


The process aims to accomplish increased self awareness. The less aware we are of our motives, feelings, thoughts, actions, perceptions, the more they control us and the more we stay stuck in old patterns that don’t work anymore. Relief from symptoms lies in discovering and incorporating into our constant, every-day consciousness that which is being masked, distracted from, or indirectly ‘acted out’ in symptoms...


Psychotherapy works by expanding awareness and increases contentment, power, freedom and happiness. This process is also called self-actualization. Psychotherapy is based on the belief that the unconscious is the key to understanding - just as problems are established somewhere outside your awareness, so too must the cure reach into this area. Besides, the issues are often created within an early relationship, so too the healing happens within a safe, empathetic and therapeutic relationship.

The Therapy

Psychotherapy is professional and confidential, and sessions are usually once or twice a week and are 50 minutes long. As a psychotherapist I aim to facilitate –

  • Increased self-awareness, insights and self-understanding

  • Being mindful, consciously being in the present moment

  • Acknowledge the power of the unconscious to expand intuition and conscious awareness

  • Connect to the past to the degree it shapes the current experience

  • Understand and change old patterns and wounds

  • Release and heal emotional pain and fears

The Therapist

Anita originates from Germany. New Zealand has been her home for over 30 years. She is a vibrant person and very passionate about her work; her accent and way of thinking is refreshingly different. Her sessions are insightful and uplifting. She has a talent for motivating people and assisting them to develop a positive relationship with themselves. Her motto is; ‘What we focus on is what we create’. It is really important to intentionally train the happy muscles of the brain so that heavy loads are enlightened. The optimistic mind is a resilient mind and allows us to respond to what life throws at us more creatively and successfully - the key is to bend, but not break.

​The Result
  • Prevail over struggles and difficulties

  • Increase mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being

  • Construct ways to resolve personal conflicts

  • Improve communication and relationships

  • Increase awareness of choices

  • Enrich your personal life through personal change and growth

  • Enhance energy and self-confidence