Do you have something you cannot talk about? Don't keep it inside - we can work it out together.

"Whatever other people think you should do or be, the fact is, you are the only one who can truly discover what is best for you, and we are here,  to help you find your own truth."

What is Counselling?

When you think about contacting a counsellor, you probably want to talk about something that is happening in your life. Something that you may not be able to tell people close to you yet. So you may need a ‘neutral person’, who will provide a safe place where you can talk. A person who will listen, hear and respect what you have to say, without judging.

When you feel heard and understood you will probably feel some relief. When this happens you might notice things you were not aware of, gain some clarity about the situation you are in - and maybe how it arose? Together we can find ways or solutions, even insights into how to manage and live your life more effectively, confidently or satisfyingly.


The Therapy

When you contact us we will arrange a therapist and an appointment time that suits you. The therapist will listen with an empathic heart and will attempt to connect what you are saying with your needs and values. Your therapist will assist you to find effective and satisfying ways to fulfil these needs and express your values.

The Therapists

Stephen is able to talk and connect with anyone - across age, culture, and religions. He has a comfortable and easy way with people and their families. This comes from being from a large family and being affected himself in his youth by significant loss and consequently spending a life traveling the world, curious about the wider world, its people, their customs, cultures, religions and how the people of the world deal in different ways and different contexts with the issues and challenges in life that we all face, no matter what gender, colour creed or nation. He brings an open-mindedness that itself encourages openness in others.


Anita originates from Germany. New Zealand has been her home for over 30 years. She is a vibrant person and very passionate about her work; her accent and way of thinking is refreshingly different. Her sessions are insightful and uplifting. She has a talent for motivating people and assisting them to develop a positive relationship with themselves.

Her motto is; ‘What we focus on is what we create’. It is really important to intentionally train the happy muscles of the brain so that heavy loads are enlightened. The optimistic mind is a resilient mind and allows us to respond to what life throws at us more creatively and successfully - the key is to bend, but not break.

The Result
  • Self-empowerment

  • Acceptance of one's self, in relation to our situation

  • Understanding the difference between influence and control

  • Huge relief from bottled up emotions and thoughts

  • Counselling allows our own genius to come out of the bottle and guide us

  • Living in the present