Art Psychotherapy

Attend to deep, long-standing issues. Similar to the process of psychotherapy, the ‘talking cure’ - but through art.

"I am convinced we are all creative beings. However, our innate creativity might have been stifled somewhere along the way, possibly when we learnt about ‘right and wrong’ and began to judge ourselves and our creative expressions".

- Anita

The Therapy

Art Psychotherapy attends to deep, long-standing issues and is similar to the process of psychotherapy, the ‘talking cure’. However, here the creative expression is the primary way of communication, which actually means that ‘creating is the cure’ – which is very handy when your intention is to re-create your life. I am a skilled and very experienced Art Psychotherapist and work well with people who are a bit timid or shy to express themselves creatively.

The Therapist

Anita originates from Germany. New Zealand has been her home for over 30 years. She is a vibrant person and very passionate about her work; her accent and way of thinking is refreshingly different. Her sessions are insightful and uplifting. She has a talent for motivating people and assisting them to develop a positive relationship with themselves. Her motto is; ‘What we focus on is what we create’. It is really important to intentionally train the happy muscles of the brain so that heavy loads are enlightened. The optimistic mind is a resilient mind and allows us to respond to what life throws at us more creatively and successfully - the key is to bend, but not break.

How Do We Do It?

No need to worry about the how to – just come along. I will be alongside you while you explore and experience new creative expression with colour, shapes and symbols.

Art Therapy Auckland
​The Result
  • Has a direct therapeutic effect on you

  • Is an amazing and fast non-verbal way of communication

  • Exciting and empowering

  • Liberate energy and creativity

  • Transform depression into expression

  • Transform destructive aspects into creative ones

  • Create opportunity for personal change and growth

  • Tap into the unconscious - powerful and effective

  • Increase awareness by seeing ‘the bigger picture’

  • Re-create yourself and your life

  • Enable new, healthy neural pathways in the brain