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A professional couple with complementary specialities in Counselling and Psychotherapy.


Anita Wacker - Auckland therapist - Hear

Registered Psychotherapist PBANZ

Art Psychotherapist 

 Supervisor MNZAP

Workshop Facilitator

Anita originates from Germany. New Zealand has been her home for over 30 years. She is a vibrant person and very passionate about her work; her accent and way of thinking is refreshingly different. Her sessions are insightful and uplifting.

She has a talent for motivating people and assisting them to develop a positive relationship with themselves.


Her motto is; ‘What we focus on is what we create’. It is really important to intentionally train the happy muscles of the brain so that heavy loads are enlightened. The optimistic mind is a resilient mind and allows us to respond to what life throws at us more creatively and successfully - the key is to bend, but not break.

Stephen MAY



Workshop Facilitator

Member registered with NZAC

Stephen is a Kiwi and able to connect and talk with people from all cultures, genders, ages and religions. He has a comfortable and easy way with individuals, couples and families. He comes from a large family and was affected by significant loss in his youth. He spent several years travelling, curious about the world, its people, customs and how they respond to issues and challenges we all face, no matter what colour, creed or nation. He brings open-mindedness to his counselling that encourages openness in others.


We are professionals and are here for you in a safe and confidential therapeutic environment. Our practice is situated in a private nature garden with resident doves, tuis and a host of other birds and flora.


When you arrive please park on Coroglen Avenue by 16 HeartLinks sign and walk to the waiting room, following these signs. If you have a physical disability please arrange parking with your therapist.