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Counselling for:


  • Yourself

  • You and your partner

  • You and family members

  • You and a friend or colleague


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The less aware we are of our motives, feelings, thoughts, perception, the more they control our behavior and the more we stay stuck in old patterns that don’t work anymore.


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Art Psychotherapy


Similar to the process of psychotherapy, the ‘talking cure’, art therapy instead uses creative expression as the primary way of communication. Suiting people who find it difficult to talk, we use art to gain insights instead. More...


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Relationship Therapy

Transforming despair with Re-pair Therapy.


Are you feeling disappointed, frustrated, resentful, sad, or lonely in your relationship / marriage / partnership?


These are signs that your needs for connection, understanding, acknowledgment or intimacy may not be met.


You may even be thinking of separating or looking outside the relationship to get these needs met.


When this is happening, we recommend seeking Re-pair Therapy.


Anita and Stephen are experienced relationship therapists and work together using this therapeutic method of re-pairing. With a male and female therapist present in the room you are provided with a unique blend of safety, balance and empathy where your views and experiences can be heard and understood.


They will facilitate communication between you to reconnect with mutual empathy, respect, appreciation and renewed intimacy.


Re-pair Therapy with two therapists present is $350 for a 75 minutes session.

To make an appointment please contact us and request Re-pair Therapy.


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Responsible and Respectful Communication Workshops


Anita & Stephen present and facilitate Responsible and Respectful Communication Workshops for companies and groups.


In essence, the benefit of Responsible and Respectful Communication training is to develop & promote harmony within your work team & with your customers.


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Supervision for psychotherapists, counsellors, art therapists, school staff, mental health staff, community workers, hospice staff and other health and community professionals.


Stephen and Anita are members of professional bodies and are experienced in providing supervision to people working in the health, wellbeing and people-helping fields.


Anita & Stephen can work individually and as a team.


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Pre-marriage Counselling


Traditionally pre-marriage counseling was an area largely dominated by the church and clergy.


In these modern times, well adjusted and forward-looking professionals have realised that in their 30’s when faced with a double load of career and relationships, it can be a challenge to blend their independence and the desire to have a partner in life.


They want to look at the consequences of long-term commitment and marriage and deal with:

  • Personal / Mutual Goals

  • Views on children and upbringing

  • Living arrangements and responsibilities

  • Money

  • Mutual Expectations

  • Resolving Heated Conflicts

  • Spiritual Life

  • Parents and In-laws


And other areas that people want to be proactive about before they take the leap into lifelong marriage.


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Remote Therapy

(Via SKYPE or WhatsApp video call)


We are able to offer individual counselling, psychotherapy and supervision for people in Auckland who are limited in time or travel and those who live outside Auckland'.

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Beneficiary? We can help you too.


The hardest times in life are often when we need help the most. If you are a beneficiary, talk to us about your situation and we will work something out. Don't hit rock bottom before you take action!


Please complete a WINZ Application for Disability Allowance & Counselling Certificate with your G.P. and bring with you to your first appointment.


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